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3 Seconds: How Website Speed Impacts Visitors and Sales

When it comes to user experience, a website’s loading time is one of the deciding success factors. The patience of visitors is steadily decreasing. Most of them will abandon a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. For a business that means lost sales, leads, and opportunities. It’s a real sales killer.

The same is true for the search process: if product images take too long to load or the search results are not displayed fast enough, shoppers generally do not wait long and break off the purchasing process. For an online retailer, this means that the conversion from visitors to customers is negatively impacted even before it started.

Marketers are more focused on aesthetics, content, social media, paid search and other online marketing activities. While focusing on these topics, they miss the tremendous potential and the importance of optimizing website performance.

Increase in sales for every second cut from loading time
Average increase in conversion rate after moving to our platform
Real customers, real feedback
Bjørn Harald Storvik - Bokstavfabrikken AS photo
Traffic Fox har laget vår nettbutikk bokstavfabrikken.no som inneholder mye skreddersøm og avanserte løsninger. Vi er meget fornøyd med det arbeidet som er gjort og som fremdeles gjøres. Vi har opplevd Traffic Fox som løsningsorientert, lyttende, profesjonell, kunnskapsrik og med kort responstid. Løsningen har vært stabil med lite feil og servicenivået upåklagelig. Anbefales på det varmeste 🙂

Bjørn Harald Storvik - Bokstavfabrikken AS

Trond Jacobsen - JHJ Interiør Bergen photo
Dyktige folk som gjør en god jobb til en rimelig pris. Vi har jobbet tett med Patrick, og i motsetning til andre firma (som forøvrig ville ha 2-3 ganger prisen) opplevde vi her at problemstillingen vi hadde rundt vareimport og 'discount matrix' ble umiddelbart forstått og effektivt løst. Kan anbefales på det varmeste.

Trond Jacobsen - JHJ Interiør Bergen

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The combination of a new site and design, faster hosting, and a site which has had not even 1 second of down time since launch has made a huge difference for ragnhilds.no.

We were able to bring the monthly sales to over 300.000 NOK and doubled the conversion rate. There was no additional marketing involved in these achievements and we are able to correlate it precisely with the increase in performance and improved design of the new webshop.

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