Most Popular Questions

1. What exactly are you selling?

We are selling use of our Automator platform. A platform created to speed up our process in delivering high performing webshops.

2. What are the costs?

A detailed breakdown of our prices are on our products page.

3. Where are you based?

Development and the main business is based in Bulgaria, while sales are based in Norway. We work strictly with the Norwegian market.

4. Do you offer trials of your platform?

Yes we do, you can give our Automator platform a try before making any commitments. Get in touch with us for more information.

5. Do you have binding periods?

Yes. Unless otherwise mentioned, our services have a 12 month binding period. In case you are seriously dissatisfied with what we deliver, you are able to break the agreement before 12 months.

6. Do you offer money back?

Yes. If our platform does not perform well for you, you are entitled to a refund.

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